Render Cleaning

Coastal Cleaning can remove most or all of black, yellow, green and red stains on Render and K-render surfaces so there may be no need for costly re-painting.

Coastal Cleaning uses a safe and very effective low pressure cleaning method. It allows cleaning and sanitizing, from the safety of the ground or a platform using low pressure equipment that will effectively clean and sanitize exterior surfaces with a specialised cleaning solution to clean Render and K-Render

Coastal Cleaning takes a scientific approach to cleaning, this gives a greater understanding into the most likely causes of organic growth and discolouration to Render and K-Render along side using quality eco-friendly products blended for all kinds of projects.

Most of the dirt on properties is living organic bio film or carbon, The products we use treat the root cause of the growth, and kill the spores without damaging the property or harming the environment in any way.

We can remove biological growth, fungus, moss, red fungus, green algae, bacteria, lichen, pollen, mold and other forms of embedded growth on an exterior surface without high pressure.

It does not “bio accumulate” and breaks down rapidly on contact with soil to give it a very low environmental footprint.  It is harmless to children and pets.

Red Staining:

Most people think the red staining on rendered walls and houses is a mineral leaching out of the sand in the render, this is in fact red fungus.

Red fungi likes south west and coastal regions because of the moist air and salt. It also likes the modern trend for using pre-coloured Render or natural stone-chippings on the outside of new housing developments.

The porous surface of the render and the nooks and crannies of chippings make an ideal home for this simple plant.

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We can also clean:

  •          Commercial Floors
  •          Slabs
  •          Concrete
  •          Signage
  •          Gravestones
  •          Wood & Fences
  •          Natural Stone
  •          Steps
  •          Roof Cleaning
  •          Footpath & Walkways
  •          Walls
  •          Cladding
  •          High Level Pressure Cleaning